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In order to take this course, your bankruptcy needs to be filed and you need the case number.   The format for the case number is YY-CCCCC.
The YY is the year the case was filed.  (Currently 16)   The CCCCC are the 5 numbers found after the letters bk in the full case number you were originally given. 
A full (sample) case number would be:
9:16-bk-99999-AB.  For this course, if this were your case number you would input 16-99999.  

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura Daniel Higson - 805-258-0080

Daniel Higson Attorney in Ventura - 805-258-0080 - Ventura Attorney Daniel A. Higson is a Certified Bankruptcy Specialist who has been practicing law in Ventura County for 40 years. If you have absolutely any assets or any interest in a business, it is imperative that you see Ventura Attorney Daniel A. Higson. During your free consultation, Dan and his talented staff will determine which course of action is right for you. They are experts in navigating you through the process, always available to answer any questions you may have at any time. Mr. Higson is the only Certified Bankruptcy Specialist in Ventura County certified by two boards – the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and The American Board of Certification.  Mr. Higson lives in Ojai, California with his wife Deanna. He enjoys tennis, sailing,  painting and watching college football. Mr. Higson graduated from the University of Redlands in 1970, with a B.A. Degree. After college, Mr. Higson joined the U.S Army, spending one year deployed in Vietnam. He completed his Law Degree in 1976, graduating from the University of La Verne College of Law.


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Estate Planning in Ventura

Effective estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes in an expeditious manner and, at the same time, that the amount of taxes paid from your estate is minimized. Any number of methods may be used to achieve effective estate planning including wills, various types of trusts and charitable contributions. Dan will explain the options that are appropriate to your unique situation and tailor a plan suited to your individual needs. We combine elder law and estate planning to provide a comprehensive approach to the needs of each client and their family. It is our goal to make the estate planning process as easy as possible, from the first meeting, to the last transfer of assets.

Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is an important legal document that is the first building block to any good estate plan. Contact us today for will preparation in Ventura.

Power of Attorney

We prepare & assist with documents that allow you to appoint a person or organization to handle your affairs while you're unavailable or unable to do so.

Living Trusts

We can help create an arrangement under which one person, called a trustee, holds legal title to property for another person, called a beneficiary.

Whether you are looking for a will, power of attorney, or health care proxy, or require more sophisticated planning involving the use of living trusts, Ventura Attorney Daniel A. Higson is here to advise, plan, and help you realize your personal and financial goals. We also focus on health and quality-of-life issues, and are proud to provide elder law services. 


Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura

Bankruptcy is a process by which individuals or businesses can repay or eliminate some or all of their debt under the supervision of the Federal Bankruptcy Court. There are two major categories of bankruptcy: liquidation and reorganization. In liquidation, the person or company sells (liquidates) property to pay back debt. Some property may be protected (exempt) from liquidation, depending on the situation. On the other hand, reorganization is an attempt to extend the life of a company. It includes the restatement of assets and liabilities and a restructuring of the payment system to help the company pay its creditors more reliably. There are several types of bankruptcy, denoted by chapters, and each covers different situations and follows its own specific regulations. Here we’ll go into detail about Chapters 7, 11, and 13.

Chapter 7

In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, some property may be liquidated to pay off debts, but often much of the property will be exempt

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 or “reorganization bankruptcy” is mostly filed by struggling companies to help restructure their business. 

Chapter 13

Chapter 13, also known as “wage earner bankruptcy”, requires a reliable source of income that can be used to pay off some of the debt.

Bankruptcy is a legal process to help debtors (people who owe money) get relief from the debts they cannot pay and, at the same time, help creditors (people who are owed money) get paid from whatever property or assets the debtor has that he or she does not need to live.   Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a very tough decision. You may be feeling overwhelmed and bankruptcy seems like the only option. Dan Higson, Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura, can help. Think about the decision carefully because it can really affect you for a long time. Also, bankruptcy does not remove all debt, and there are certain types of debt that cannot be discharged (eliminated) in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may not always work to save your home or property - get advice from a Dan Higson, Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura, about whether or not bankruptcy is a good option for you. 

Bankruptcy Attorney Ventura Daniel Higson - 805-258-0080

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