Personal Injury Claims with Head Injury and Concussion

Head Injury

There are different levels of trauma when it comes to a head injury, from minor to very traumatic. While some head injuries are easy to see, such as a bump or an open wound, there are times when a head injury can be accompanied by concealed damage to the brain. These situations can include concussion,…

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What Makes a Motorcycle Accident Different from a Car Accident?


Getting into any kind of vehicular accident is scary and dangerous. It will also lead to a lot of stress and questions. What should I do next? How do I pay for these repairs and medical bills? While you may think that getting into a motorcycle accident has the same set of laws and consequences…

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Out of State Car Accident

out of state car accident

It’s the time of year for family vacations and getaways. For many, this means a road trip across several state lines. As you set out on that road trip, the last thing you want to happen is a car accident, but what if that should happen to you? How does the process work if you…

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit in California: The Basics


A wrongful death claim comes about when a person dies as the result of a wrongful act or negligence of another person or entity. What exactly does this mean? How does it get handled? What are the steps? We will go over all the basics of a wrongful death lawsuit below with a focus on…

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Basics of California Personal Injury Law

personal injury form

There are many types of injuries that can lead to a claim for personal injury, and every state has slightly different laws governing them. Here we will go over the basics of California personal injury law, including the time limit to file, compensation, and liability rules. Statute of Limitations – Deadline to File Each state…

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California Dog Owner Liability

dog bites

Imagine that you are out walking along the beach with your pup, when a jogger runs up beside you and your dog gets spooked. Your normally calm dog leaps out and snips at the ankle of the jogger. What happens now? In this blog, we will go over a few things you need to know…

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Accidents with an Uninsured Driver in California

Car Accident

No matter how carefully you drive, accidents happen. You can’t control every factor around you, such as road conditions and other drivers. The State of California requires that everyone who operates a vehicle must have proof of financial responsibility, such as automobile liability insurance. However, studies by the Insurance Research Council have shown that as many…

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